Treatment Audit

Audit of treatment

A paper was published in a peer reviewed journal showing audit of a cohort of clients treated by Dr Geoff Ibbotson in an NHS setting. The abstract is shown below

Trauma-focused Hypnosis for PTSD

  1. 28 clients with PTSD were treated in an NHS setting
  2. The average number of sessions was 4.8 (all were < 9 sessions)
  3. NICE guidelines at that time were CBT for 10 to 14 hours
  4. All clients showed reduction in Impact of event scale Intrusion to the normal range
  5. The effect size for the cohort was 2.95


This paper describes Practice Based Evidence of treatment of PTSD delivered in a normal NHS setting. Outcome audit data will be presented from 28 clients treated in a Primary Care Mental Health Unit in the North West of England. This will demonstrate that the use of dissociated imagery in the treatment of PTSD may lead to more rapid resolution thereby demonstrating cost-effectiveness and a potential saving to the NHS of over £25,000,000.

(Ibbotson and Williamson, 2010).