PTSD workshops

I have been provided training in diagnosis and treatment of PTSD to Psychotherapists and Health Professionals for many years.

I have now formulated a new workshop. This also includes Complex Trauma as well as PTSD.

Participants are required to be trained therapists, who are experienced in the delivery of therapy with individual clients. Students who are towards the end of their appropriate training may be suitable to attend the course. If you contact me directly then I will advise if your training and experience mean that this is training that is appropriate for you at this time.

After completion of the training, participants will be able to embark on treatment of those suffering from PTSD and also Complex Trauma. There is an option that, after completion of a reflexive written exercise, a certificate of completion of specialist training may be provided.

The workshop is on line using Zoom and will be presented as blended learning. The handout and support materials will be available three weeks prior to the workshop which will run over two days. It will cover diagnosis, associated problems and treatment techniques. It is experiential but includes the academic underpinnings of the methods with opportunities to practice the techniques in a safe situation. The prior study of the handout will allow the workshop to be interactive with discussion and plenty of opportunity for questions. I restrict the number of participants to ten in order to ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for discussion for each participant.

If you wish to discuss your possible participation in a workshop then please ring me on 01706 373825 or contact me by e-mail here.

I am prepared to design and run an appropriate bespoke workshop for your organisation on request. For further discussion on this please contact me for details on 01706 373825 or contact me by e-mail here.