What Makes Symptoms Persist?

If you were opening a packing case with a crowbar – how would you start? Would you randomly attempt to insert the crowbar or would you look for a small gap into which you could insert the crowbar and then get leverage to easily open the case to get into the contents.

Whenever we are wishing to change symptoms or the way we function in life we need to understand the way in which the symptoms are maintained and resistant to change. With this knowledge we can not only produce change but also maintain it in the long term. Why do we always listen to our negative internal “friend”? – remember not everyone who talks to us is a friend!

The great majority of people hear their thoughts as internal dialogue. Some hear both negative and positive dialogue but many have a great majority of negative, rather than positive thoughts. If you were to live your life with someone walking just behind you, whispering negative things in your ear would it be surprising if you found life a hard uphill struggle?

I teach clients techniques in order to not only be aware of their internal dialogue but to change the destructive effects of negative dialogue. In this way they are able to take charge and adopt more healthy thoughts.
My aim is to give clients the tools in order that they can produce and maintain positive change on a long term basis.

Why choose me?

  • I was a GP for 22 years.
  • I then left general practice in order to work for 14 years in a Clinical Psychology Department.
  • I have been a tutor for trainee psychotherapists and also I now run specialist workshops for therapists in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD.
  • I am a clinical supervisor for therapists in various parts of the UK.
  • I have a flexible approach and use a very wide range of techniques.

What to expect in therapy

  • I will have a chat on the phone with you in order to know what you need and we can decide if we can work together.
  • When you have decided where you want to go then we can work together to find the right gate, open it,and then go through it.
  • I have trained in a very wide range of therapies and will tailor the therapy to the approach that best fits your needs.
  • I will teach you techniques such as self-hypnosis and other tools in order that you can use these techniques yourself.
  • We will work together collaboratively. In this way you are comfortable with the direction that we are going – you are a co-pilot rather than a passenger.
  • Because of this approach most of my clients settle quickly.