I have been in clinical practice for over fifty-five years, of which over twenty years have involved psychological therapy, initially in a clinical psychology unit and then undertaking private therapy. I have tutored students on the pathway to UKCP registration and have run training workshops, for therapists, on the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD for many years.

I have had very extensive training in psychotherapy, hypnosis and NLP over many years. I have also undergone training in a wide variety of other approaches including Solution Oriented Therapy, Brief Therapy, use of metaphor, Ericksonian Hypnosis, spirituality and therapy, Inclusive therapy, Ego State Therapy and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.

I have undergone training from many world leaders in their fields. These include:

  • Bill O’Hanlon (Student of Milton H Erickson and author of many books).
  • Brent Geary (Director of training for the Milton H Erickson Foundation).
  • Ernest Rossi (Lifetime achievement award for contribution to psychotherapy awarded by Erickson Foundation).
  • John Grinder (Co-founder of Neurolinguistic Programming [NLP]).
  • John and Helen Watkins (Founders of Ego State Therapy).
  • Michael Yapko (A world renowned expert on depression).
  • Philip Zimbardo (Emeritus Professor of Stamford University).
  • Lars-Eric Unestahl (Inner Mental Training and sports psychology).
  • Danie Beaulieu (Impact Therapy).
  • Michael Hall (Time Line therapy).
  • Scott D Miller (Client-Directed Outcome-informed Clinical Work).

As a result of this I have an eclectic approach to therapy.

Both trainee and qualified therapists need supervision on a regular basis. For trainee or recently qualified therapists supervision involves quite a bit of mentorship. As a therapist becomes more experienced then supervision involves more reflection on the therapeutic process. This ensures efficacy of the therapeutic process and enables the therapist to work towards the best possible psychotherapy practice for their clients.

In most situations supervision is a regular pre-arranged session. However, on occasions, there is a
crisis in therapy or in the therapeutic relationship. On these occasions it is important that the supervisor is available for an emergency consultation.

I provide supervision for hypnotherapists, on a face-to-face basis and also electronically, using computerised audio-visual platforms for those who live a long distance from my consulting room at Littleborough.

I am a qualified supervisor who is recognised for supervising those on the UKCP pathway. I am on the UKCP Supervision Directory. However I also supervise others who may choose to go along a different path.

If you would like to discuss hypnotherapy supervision with me then please contact me by phone (01706 373825) or by e-mail.