Work and Stress

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Labour Force Survey (LFS), 828,00 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2019/20.

The costs to both individual and business performance are rising as a result. Work-related stress and mental illness accounts for over half of work absences – and costs British businesses an estimated £26 billion per annum.

In many cases an employee is dismissed following long-term stress-related absence. There are two potential problems for the employer in these circumstances.

1) The ex-employee may put in a claim for damages.

If you have an effective policy to manage stress in your workplace then this would make a claim for damages much less likely.

2) There are definite cost implications to replacing an employee .

Some estimates put the induction and retraining cost of an employee at three times their annual salary. So, why not take measures to retain staff?

The essence of any successful organisation is its ability to assess what changes are needed and then to have the flexibility to adopt and adapt to those ideas. Many people become prescriptive and inflexible when under stress. As the stress mounts they have difficulty with concentration and decision making and hence work less effectively. One of the effects of stress is to make people more susceptible to illness and emotional distress. It is very easy for an organisation to enter into a spiral of absenteeism, due to sickness in a few stressed people, which then puts increased pressure on the rest of the workforce who subsequently themselves become stressed and hence more susceptible to illness.

I have considerable experience in working to alleviate the impact of stress. I can work individually with your staff in order to get them to manage stress better and hence facilitate their return to work.

If you wish I could arrange to run a stress management workshop at your workplace.

In order to discuss this, then either contact me on 01706 373825 or contact me by e-mail.