Stress management

The essence of any successful organisation is its ability to assess what changes are needed and then to have the flexibility to adopt and adapt to those ideas. Many people become prescriptive and inflexible when under stress. As the stress mounts they have difficulty with concentration and decision making and hence work less effectively.

One of the effects of stress is to make people more susceptible to illness and emotional distress. It is very easy for an organisation to enter into a spiral of absenteeism, due to sickness in a few stressed people, which then puts increased pressure on the rest of the workforce who subsequently themselves become stressed and hence are more susceptible to illness.

Most people approach Stress Management from the precept that it is a logical science and that all one needs to do is to learn the rational approach and then all is well. However it is one thing to know what one should do and a totally different thing to make the internal changes necessary to feel and behave in a different way. My approach has a balance between theories and skills. I not only teach aspects of time management but also teach people the skills that are required in order to make the internal adjustments necessary to implement change.

 Motivation is an internal process that requires the setting of personal goals and then working towards them in a confident way. I teach self-hypnosis and goal setting which allows people to become motivated internally. Personal development using this approach promotes self-confidence and a feeling of well being which allows a person to become the master rather than the victim of their emotions.

I also run workshops for groups of individuals or for groups of employees. I tailor the workshops to the needs of participants. Get in touch to find out more.