Communication Skills

More than 70% of all communication is non-verbal.  By understanding basic body language you will be able to interpret and express body language more effectively.  You may naturally have good rapport with many people.  However, if you know consciously how to build rapport then you will be able to gain rapport with almost anyone!

None of us like to break bad news.  But if it has to be done then it should be done well.  If done without skill then much of what is said is ‘forgotten’.  How can you prevent this?

In these days of increasing litigation it is particularly important to handle complainants with skill.  Anger and aggression often mask fear and anxiety.  If your response is inappropriate then things may get out of hand.  I can show you techniques both to handle complaints and how to complain more effectively.

Inefficient management of meetings wastes a lot of time and emotional energy – both of which are precious commodities, which you could put to better use.  The ability to handle yourself and others better during meetings can dramatically improve your effectiveness.