Asylum seekers have often suffered terribly as a consequence of imprisonment and torture following such activities as attending a demonstration after a flawed election; being sentenced to death following false confessions extracted by torture; rape; kidnapping and subsequent murder of relatives, or being victims of trafficking for the sex industry or slave labour.

I have been preparing medicolegal reports since 1994. The fact that I am both medically qualified, with 22 years experience as a GP, and also a trained and UKCP registered psychotherapist means that I am ideally placed to make assessments and prepare reports on a client’s mental health and also on relevant psychological issues. I prepare reports in civil cases and also for immigration purposes. I have considerable experience in the preparation of reports for those asylums seekers who have such problems as PTSD and other sequelae of imprisonment and torture. For such cases a Law Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau usually instructs me. I am prepared to undertake work that is funded either by the Legal Services Commission or on a private basis.

Before taking instructions in a case I am prepared to discuss the potential case directly with a solicitor and sometimes I even make a provisional assessment of a client to ensure that a psychological report is appropriate.

I am a member of the Institute of Expert Witnesses and undertake medico-legal training on a regular basis.

I have worked with clients from many countries. The map below shows with pins the areas of the world from which my clients have come.