I have been providing a medico-legal service for more than twenty years. This work falls into two distinct areas – the provision of medico-legal reports and the provision of a service for those suffering the consequences of trauma. I undertake this work at my Littleborough consulting room at my own home.

Medico-legal Reports

I prepare these on the instructions of solicitors. These reports are usually concerning the psychological sequelae of past trauma.

I have considerable experience in the provision of such reports and offer an efficient service, usually being able to offer an appointment within 14 days. At the time of instruction I will agree the date when the report will be completed.

I use e-mails extensively for administrative purposes.

In such interviews and examinations I draw upon my 22 years experience as a full time General Medical Practitioner and my training as a psychotherapist.

I believe that it is very important to maintain high standards and attend Medico-Legal and other training frequently.

My fees are negotiable depending upon the complexity of the report and the projected timescale of payment.


For more than twenty years I have been actively interested in hypnosis. I have trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming to Master Practitioner level. I train Health Professionals in the use of hypnosis and imagery both on a personal level and in order to use the techniques to help others. I have a special interest and expertise in the use of hypno-psychotherapy in order to resolve the consequences of past trauma, and have lectured extensively both in the UK and also in Europe on that topic.

Hypno-psychotherapy is, in my opinion, the treatment of choice for those suffering from the consequences of any past trauma. This is because it is possible, using imagery, to get the client to work on the trauma in a dissociated way. If dissociation is not used then the client is, in effect, taken back to the very situation that traumatised them in the first place. This is not only distressing but can make people’s symptoms such as nightmares and flashbacks worse.

As well as being very effective hypno-psychotherapy is also extremely quick. If someone has a good pre-morbid personality and is motivated to resolve the consequences of trauma then it is frequently possible to get total resolution of sequelae of a road traffic accident in three sessions of an hour each. I usually arrange these sessions with an interval of two weeks between sessions. This rate of success, I believe, puts hypnosis as the gold standard of treatment for past trauma.

I published a paper in the peer reviewed journal Contemporary Hypnosis in 2010.

[IBBOTSON, G. & WILLIAMSON, A. (2010) Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder using trauma-focused hypnosis. Contemporary Hypnosis, Vol. 27, (4), Pg. 257-267, 2011]

In my clinical work I see many people who are suffering from the consequences of all types of childhood trauma. Whilst hypnosis is extremely effective in such cases the timescale of treatment may need to be longer, but I believe that hypno-psychotherapy is still the treatment of choice.

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